A 3PL Built For You

Basic shipping services with complicated pricing models just won’t cut it for businesses looking to grow their e-commerce store.

That’s why we launched Carousel. We believe all companies deserve access to advance shipping & fulfillment services that’s easy to use at one affordable all-in cost. Our mission is to disrupt the 3PL industry for the better and we welcome you to join us.

What We Do

Most companies will use fancy language like “advanced algorithms for optimal routing & logistics”. But at the end of the day, they just ship your product from one place to another. At Carousel we take a different approach. We listen to what our customers need to grow their business and create the best services and products possible.

Inventory Optimization

Advanced Transportation Management

Returns Portal & Circularity Marketplace

One-click Integration

ONLY ~15% of businesses receive services beyond basic shipping & fulfillment


Over 70%

of business owners want & need advance transportation services


of business owners want help with inventory modeling

6 out of 10

business owners want a better way to handle returns

About Us

You’re probably asking yourself who could have come up with a solution like this? Good question. Do they have aliens working for them? Rocket scientists? We wish. But we do have over over 50 years of experience helping some of the world’s biggest companies. And we said to ourselves why isn’t there a company that can provide all of the services big corporations get to small & medium sized businesses. So we set out to change that.