Who We Are

Basic shipping services with complicated pricing models just won’t cut it for businesses looking to grow their e-commerce store.

That’s why we launched Carousel. We believe all companies deserve access to advance shipping & fulfillment services that’s easy to use at one affordable all-in cost. Our mission is to disrupt the 3PL industry for the better and we welcome you to join us.

Most 3PLs say they can help you grow your business but at the end of the day they just pick, pack and ship. And have complicated pricing models. So at Carousel, our mission is to disrupt the 3PL industry by making advanced supply chain services accessible for all businesses. For one all-in cost.

The Solution

Introduce a seamless platform that’s accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Create the most advanced transportation and parcel network in the industry for SMBs.

Deploy a Returns Portal & Circularity marketplace for returns that’s built to support SMBs.

Bundle a larger suite of services and make them integrated addons within the platform at no additional cost to the customer.